AmeriCorps Spotlight!

Natalia got her start at CASP in Spring 2012 as a volunteer tutor in the Be Smart Club. Natalia showed so much passion and enthusiasm for the CASP kids and the mission of the Be Smart Club, that… Read More

Soccer Club at Adams CASP

Last week, Adams CASP started a fun new activity at it’s programs: Soccer Club! Hunter, the site director, invited some friends, who are also soccer players, to visit the Adams CASP program each Tuesday and Friday to teach… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight

Audrey has volunteered with CASP for about a year and a half and  is a Be Smart Homework Club volunteer at Roosevelt Elementary. Audrey attends OU and is studying advertising with a minor in Spanish. In the future,… Read More

Sooner Dance Company Volunteers at Adams CASP!

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Teen Advisors of Norman Volunteer at Madison CASP!

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