Volunteer Spotlight

Audrey BellAudrey has volunteered with CASP for about a year and a half and  is a Be Smart Homework Club volunteer at Roosevelt Elementary. Audrey attends OU and is studying advertising with a minor in Spanish. In the future, she hopes to work at an advertising agency in Account Services. We asked Audrey some questions about her experience volunteering at CASP and this is what she said!

What made you want to volunteer for CASP?

“I wanted to volunteer for CASP Be Smart Club because I enjoy volunteering with children and I knew CASP offered a variety of ways to get involved in schools around Norman.”

What do you feel you’ve learned as a volunteer with CASP?

“I feel that volunteering with CASP is helping me to build and strengthen many skills for the future such as commitment, responsibility and communication.”

What is a favorite memory that you have volunteering with CASP?

“One favorite memory I have from this year volunteering with CASP is building houses out of blocks with the students before homework club.”

Thanks for the time that you give our CASP kiddos during Homework Club, Audrey!

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