UPDATE: New snack options are a HUGE hit! The number of kiddos eating snack at each of our programs was up by 35.25% in December! Thank you to Mark and Holli and all of the Sodexo staff for making this change such a huge success!


CASP recently met with Sodexo Child Nutrition to review the snack menus for our after school programs. Administrators from both organizations came together to discuss ways we could improve our healthy snack options while staying within budgetary guidelines and maintaining compliance with the Federal Feeding Program. After a great meeting with Sodexo’s Mark Coulter, General Manager, and Holli Warren, Food Service Manager, we came up with a plan to improve food options and to reduce waste by moving to water as our only beverage. So far, the students are loving the new menu options and more students are eating snack each day.

We would like to thank Sodexo Child Nutrition for meeting with us and working to make this very important issue a priority and for offering creative solutions to address our unique challenges. Students, parents, and staff have all noticed a positive difference and that is the best outcome we could hope for!

NOTE: If your child attends one of our programs, you can view the monthly snack roster on the CASP bulletin board.

Check out our CASP Kiddos enjoying new snack options courtesy of Sodexo Child Nutrition.



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