Cleveland CASP Launches Engineering Week

Cleveland CASP students recently made their own rockets and shot them off during Engineering Week. They had a “blast” making and launching their water bottle rockets with their CASP teachers.  

Erupting Volcanoes at Adams CASP

Recently at Adams CASP, the staff had the kids build two different volcanoes. To do their projects, kids were given cardboard as a base, clay, and a model of what the volcano should look like. Then they worked… Read More

Tennis Ball Challenge at Jackson CASP

Jackson CASP staff gave their students a fun challenge! Students were divided into groups and given a bag of supplies. The assignment was to use the supplies to support a tennis ball at least 10 cm. off the… Read More

Red, White and Blue Fun at Adams CASP

Staff at CASP programs are always planning fun and educational activities for their programs! Adams CASP celebrated President’s Day by making a patriotic snack into a science experiment. Students made their own Red, White and Blue drinks with… Read More

Flower Fun at Adams CASP!

Earlier in January, Adams CASP planted flowers with the CASP kids! The kids planted a blue or pink flower and were able to take their plant home. This activity was a fun way for the kids to learn… Read More