Be Smart Club

Be Smart Club Mission

“To support and enhance the literacy skills that children learn throughout their school day.”

Be Smart Club Vision

“To foster and inspire learning, so that children can grow in confidence and ability.”

The Community After School Program (CASP) offers literacy tutoring as well as homework clubs at its after school programs. CASP began offering a literacy tutoring program (Be Smart Club) in 2008 and a homework help program (Be Smart Homework Club) in 2014.

These programs utilize volunteers, work study members, and CASP staff members to operate its programs.

Be Smart Literacy Club is a one to one literacy program that provides two, 30 minute literacy tutoring sessions each week for qualifying students with below-average reading scores. Literacy tutors are matched with youth and serve as positive mentors while assisting children in strengthening their literacy skills.  Through positive guidance, playing games, and reading aloud, students learn to problem solve, improve their study skills, and become successful readers.

Be Smart Homework Club is a 30 minute, M-F homework assistance club available to pre-K-5 grades. CASP homework helpers assist students with homework, provide academic and literacy support, and act as positive mentors.  In this group setting, homework helpers have the opportunity to build strong, mentoring relationships with students while helping them grow academically.

If you are interested in volunteering with the CASP Be Smart Club, click here!

Parent Feedback:

“I really appreciate the tutoring program. At home, my son tends to tune out our advice regarding study habits, but having a role model he can hear that reinforcement from at CASP has really helped him with his study skills.”

“Her reading level improved vastly!”

“Her tutor gave her a confidence boost regarding her performance at school. The tutoring program was the best part of our CASP experience. It definitely fulfills a need for many students.”

“The tutoring program has been a great program and has helped my child enjoy school more.”

“The program was particularly helpful at developing my son’s confidence in his reading skills.”

“I’m so glad you have this program. It really helped my son, and he enjoyed the tutor he had . She was very good with him. My son talked about her all the time, and she made his learning fun, thank you!”

“Really grateful you offer it as a service. We really needed. It helped a lot. I hope you can keep doing it.”


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