Be Fit Club

Be Fit Club Mission

“To increase nutritional knowledge and physical activity of participants through daily program activities.”

Be Fit Club Vision

“To reduce the overall BMI rates of at-risk youth.”

The Community After School Program hosts a physical activity and nutrition program that serves approximately 300 students at nine CASP programs. The “Be Fit Club” (BFC) offers 30 minutes of daily structured physical activity and a weekly nutrition lesson. The BFC was adapted from an evidence-based program by CASP’s own health and nutrition expert, and is styled to meet the unique needs of the children we serve.

Each Be Fit Club is lead by a Be Fit Club Team Leader who is currently obtaining a degree in the health field or has experience or a strong interest in health and nutrition. Additionally, current OU Health and Exercise Science students volunteer at our BFC locations, providing assistance to team leaders and participating in group game activities with the children. The BFC Team Leader chooses age-appropriate games utilizing equipment such as hula-hoops, jump ropes, basketballs, parachutes, and beanbags, to enhance fine and large motor skills. BFC is fun, interactive and inclusive, which encourages children to be more active without feeling bored or as if physical activity is a chore.

The weekly Be Fit Club nutrition lessons are designed to give the children a hands-on learning experience with healthier food options. The children learn about each food group by making healthy, easy snacks at the program. During nutrition lessons, the BFC Team Leader discusses the importance of how a healthy diet builds strong muscles and keeps our bodies healthy.

CASP is proud to partner with the United Way of Norman who provides funding for the Be Fit Club. Additionally, CASP would like to thank the OU Health and Exercise Science Department for promoting CASP and the Be Fit Club program to the OU Health and Exercise Science Department students. Since 2007, CASP, with the assistance provided by these partners, has grown the Be Fit Club into a very successful and enriching program for its children.

For more information about how you can help the Be Fit Club, please contact: Tara Callaway (405) 366-5970 Ext. 208


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