Give to the kids in your community on Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday Banner_2Thanksgiving is November 27th. Black Friday is November 28th. Cyber Monday is December 1st. Giving Tuesday is December 2nd. Consider giving to the CASP Scholarship Fund on Giving Tuesday!

In 2012, an organization called 92nd Street Y in New York partnered with the United Nations Foundation to officially recognize the Tuesday after Thanksgiving as a national and global day of giving back. This partnership sparked a movement of people from all over the world to give back in their community.

CASP is asking community members to join in by giving back to CASP on Giving Tuesday, December 2nd! CASP will be putting all donations toward our scholarship fund. In the 2013-2014, CASP expended $53,747.75 in scholarship dollars, and by the end of December 2014, it is estimated that CASP will have spent $18,760.50 in scholarship dollars for the 2014-2015 school year. By the end of the 2014-2015 school year, we estimate that we will have helped 36 children and 28 families with after school care.

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Oklahoma Afterschool Programs: In Demand

Recently, the Afterschool Alliance issued a report on the state of after school programs in Oklahoma. The report found that parents across the state are very satisfied with the quality of after school program that their child attends. However, the demand for after school programs is greater than the supply. The report from the Afterschool Alliance is posted below! Read More

Volunteer Spotlight

Grebinkov, SarahSarah is a volunteer at McKinley CASP and is in her third year of volunteering as a tutor with CASP. Sarah started volunteering her freshman year at OU. She is still studying at OU and hopes to go to medical school after graduation. We asked Sarah a few questions about her time as a volunteer tutor with CASP, and this is what she said!

Why did you decide to volunteer for CASP?

“I decided to volunteer for CASP because it looked like a great way to give back to the community and the state that was     providing me with an amazing educational opportunity at OU.”

What has made you want to continue to volunteer? 

 “I have enjoyed getting to know all the kids that I have tutored throughout the semester. I love seeming them build up their confidence and I feel as if I am making a meaningful impact on their lives.”

Do you have any favorite moments to share with me?

“My favorite memory would probably be the very first day of tutoring. I was so excited, and nervous, and didn’t really know what to expect. The student I tutored was also a little hesitant, however we had a great first day and a great rest of the year.”

What do you feel that you have been able to contribute to CASP as a volunteer?

 “I think as a dedicated volunteer I have been able to contribute my dedication and my enthusiasm to the program.”

What have you learned as a volunteer with CASP?

“I have learned the importance of never giving up even at the most daunting tasks. I learned this through all the students I have taught throughout the past three years. No matter how hard they struggle they always seem to push through their troubles and persevere.”

What skills have you built as a volunteer with CASP?

“I have learned to interact and accommodate a variety of different personalities. Listening as well as adjusting to best fit my students needs is another skill I have learned through my volunteer work with CASP.”

What words of advice would you give to a new volunteer?

“I would remind them that no matter how busy you get with school or life, its always important as well as gratifying to make time to help someone else.”

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Month Banner - 980Discouraging stories about bullying are becoming commonplace, but creating awareness about the issue and teaching our children how to combat bullying is the first step in reducing the problem. In order to combat bullying, the National Bullying Prevention Center was created in 2006 by the PACER center. The PACER center is an organization that was established by parents of children with disabilities to help other families dealing with similar challenges.

The National Bullying Prevention Center founded National Bullying Prevention Month in October 2006. Throughout this month, the center encourages schools and communities to unite and raise awareness of bullying prevention through events, activities and education. The National Bullying Prevent Center has a wealth of educational resources to use for combating bullying. They also have a kid-friendly site that parents can use when talking with their children about bullying and how they can work to prevent it, or what they can do if they are a victim of bullying.

CASP is honoring this month by asking each of our 17 programs to hold a special activity at their program during October. The special activity that we selected for the program begins with staff leading students in listening to a song that depicts one person’s struggle with bullying. The staff then lead the students in a discussion about the message of the song.

Here is an example of one the discussion questions:

“Everyone in this world has a purpose and worth. One of the best things in the world is discovering who you are, your talents and desires. What can happen to someone when he or she is ridiculed and made to feel that he or she does not have worth or purpose?”

Finally, staff members ask students to  “take a pledge against bullying” by signing a certificate. Some sites will be posting these certificates at their sites.

Below are some pictures from the event at Washington CASP.



Garden Your Own Growth Update

When we last checked in with the Garden Your Own Growth program at Reagan Elementary, the garden was in it’s third week of growth. The garden has been growing and the kids have been enjoying the program each week. Here are a few picture updates from week 6 and week 8! To read the whole story about the Garden Your Own Growth program, click here!

The garden in week 6.

The garden in week 6.

Week 6. Students share and taste freshly grown kale

Week 6: Students share and taste freshly grown kale.

​Week 6. The students get to choose cabbage or chard plants to take home. They are excited to care for their own plants as well as the school garden.

Week 6: The students get to choose cabbage or chard plants to take home. They are excited to care for their own plants as well as the school garden.

The Garden in week 8.

The Garden in week 8.

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