Volunteer Spotlight

 Adam Wagner was the Signature Event Chair for the Spooky Sprint 5K and Carnival hosted by ATO this November. Adam is a Psychology Pre-Med Senior and plans to go to medical school after graduating in May of 2016.He… Read More

Elections at Adams CASP

During the first week of November, Adams CASP held “elections” at their site to elect a “President”, “Vice-President”, Speaker of the House” and several other offices. The CASP staff taught the CASP students why elections are held in… Read More

Garden Your Own Growth Update – Week 9

Here are pictures from week 9 of Garden Your Own Growth with Earth Rebirth at Reagan CASP. During week 9, staff and CASP kids worked on weeding the garden and building a hoop house to cover the plants during the… Read More

2nd Annual Spooky Sprint 5K is a Success!!

The 2nd Annual Spooky Sprint 5K was hosted on Sunday, November 2nd. Alpha Tau Omega, a fraternity on OU’s campus hosted the event and raised $15,446.34 for CASP! The event featured a free carnival for kids, complete with… Read More

CASP and OU Alpha Tau Omega in the News!

On October 26th, the OU Daily featured a story about our partnership with the OU chapter of Alpha Tau Omega, hi-lighting the Spooky Sprint and 5K that ATO is hosting for CASP, as well as the past volunteer… Read More