Volunteer Spotlight

 Adam WagnerAdam Wagner was the Signature Event Chair for the Spooky Sprint 5K and Carnival hosted by ATO this November. Adam is a Psychology Pre-Med Senior and plans to go to medical school after graduating in May of 2016.He took over the Signature Event Chair position last Spring from Will Moon, but planning really picked up in August 2014. The bulk of the event took about 3 months to plan. We asked Adam a few questions about his volunteering experience at Chair for the event, and this is what he said!

What was the most challenging aspect of working as Chair for the 5K?

“The most challenging part of volunteering as the 5K chair and planner was generating support within the fraternity. As for myself, there was a lot of passion for CASP and this event that many members did not have because they simply had no previous interaction with CASP except for last year’s event. We changed that this year by sending guys out to the elementary schools and that really made the difference to get guys energized and excited about our event.”

What was the most rewarding part of organizing the event?

“The most rewarding part for me was the check reveal at the end of the event. To see the looks on the faces of all the CASP representatives made all of the work and hours immediately worth it.”

What do you feel that you’ve learned as you organized the event? What advice would you give to others who would want to replicate what you did?

“I learned just how much work has to go into planning a 5K. Much more than I would have thought! Because of that initial perception I had some catching up to do at times, but thanks to my great committee and the support we had from ATO in general, we were able to succeed. I would advise for anyone that is looking to do what I did to build a network early and often, to utilize those around them, and to recognize that the more they try to do everything themselves the less anything will get done. The people around you are there for a reason and utilizing them will make your life easier and the event’s success greater.”

Tell us what you love about being part of ATO!

“ATO is a group of genuine men who don’t feel the need to be anyone but themselves. We’re a large house with a small house mentality who work together to better ourselves, our chapter, and most importantly, our community.”

Adam, thanks for all your hard work in making the Spooky Sprint 5K and Carnival a success!



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